Become a web developer in 8 weeks

Think of us as a Meetup on steroids...  

TECHBOOTCAMPS offers programs that take you from a 'beginner' to an employable Web Developer in 8 weeks. The prime focus of these boot camps is intensive hands-on website building - versus listening to lectures.  We call this project-based learning. Does it work? Think about learning to swim, or to draw, or to write - or how you've learned any other skill.

And at the end of the 8 weeks, we go a step further for you.  We invite employers in to meet you.  And if they hire you?  Well that's another good part of our program.  Many will reimburse all or most of your tuition because our course fees are so low.  

We offer $500 scholarships for military vets, females, and other underrepresented classes in the software engineering field.

I received my first job offer for $90,000 (CAD) from a Vancouver company, one day before graduation. ~ Will Chan, June 2014 Boot Camp

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